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Where Madrid, Spain
When 1991
Photographer Michael McKinney

Click a wallpaper size to download image:
800 x 600 pixels—best for smaller monitors
1,024 x 768 pixels—best for larger monitors

For Windows 95 or Higher
For Macintosh
1. Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor. 1. Determine which image size is appropriate for your monitor.
2. Click the size you wish to download. 2. Click the size you wish to download.
3. After the image appears in your browser, click the right-hand button on your mouse. 3. After it appears in your browser, drag the image onto your desktop.
4. On the menu that pops up, select SET AS WALLPAPER. 4. From the Apple Menu (at the top left of your screen) select CONTROL PANELS, then DESKTOP PICTURES or APPEARANCE. (If the new window reads APPEARANCE, select the tab that reads DESKTOP.)
5. If necessary, click REMOVE PICTURE to clear the current desktop picture.
6. Click SELECT PICTURE or PLACE PICTURE, then locate and click the image file.
7. Click OK or CHOOSE.
8. Finally, click SET DESKTOP.
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