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Cassette Works has been duplicating cassettes for over 40 years. We offer digital bin-loop duplication technology for all cassette duplication projects.

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Audio Cassette Duplication/Imprinting Pricing

* Not available at this time.

Minimum Order is 100 cassettes. Above pricing is cash.

"C" times are based on total time of the longest side of the cassette. For example, a C-30 cassette is 15-minutes per side. All cassettes are loaded to the exact length of the longest side of your program. C-times above are for pricing. We duplicate on normal-bias music quality tape on all projects.

ORDERING: Send materials or inquires to: .
Here is a sample of the information (Word doc) we need to begin your order. All orders should be accompanied with this information and payment for the production costs.

Production time is currently 2 to 3 weeks from the time we put it into production. Production time is NOT guaranteed.

All orders are subject to our acceptance and our terms and conditions.

Acceptable Master Tape Formats

Help us to duplicate for you a cassette of exceptional performance that Cassette Works is known for, by providing us with the best source master available to you.

Our mastering facilities can handle most types of mastering formats. These include: audio-cassette masters; compact disc; and wav files.

Your master(s) should be "program-ready" and with the time for each side given.

When uploading files, send either two complete files (one for each side) or a file for each track (be sure to give a listing of the tracks in order). Avoid using Rapidshare or mediafire for uploads. Try a better service like,, or for quicker results.


Currently (November 2023) we have the following color shells:
  • Clear

We also have a premium colors as available, for an additional .40 each:

  • White
  • Black
  • Solid Pink 100 on hand
  • Solid Green 100 on hand
  • We can special order most solid and transparent colors. Please inquire

For best results, the Clear and translucent color shells should be printed with white or light color inks as they have a black liner.

If a color becomes unavailable we will substitute a tape color as close to the one you requested at our discretion. For example, a translucent blue may become a solid blue or we will allow you to choose another color.

Imprinting is included in the above duplication pricing.

When designing your label art, keep in mind that reverses do not reproduce well. All art must be in black on a white background. The black will be printed in the color you select. Also, fine lines, screens, and text below 8pt does not reproduce well.

Below are templates for cassette imprinting in three formats:

eps file pdf file qxt file

J-Card Printing

Both color and black and white short-run j-card printing is avaliable with your cassette duplication order. Includes assembly.

Standard J-card (3 panels) = .25 each.
4 panels = .35 each
5 panels = .45 each
6 to 8 panels = .75 each

Be sure to include "bleed" on any art that is to print to the edge of the J-card. Please remove any guidelines that are not to print on the actual J-card itself or place template under the art. Use the templates below for best results. Color art should be processed as CYMK.

Here is a template for a standard 3-panel J-card:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK eps file

Here are templates for 4 panels:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK

Here are templates for 5 panels:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK

Here are templates for 6 panels:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK

Here are templates for 7 panels:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK

Here are templates for 8 panels:
pdf file FRONT pdf file BACK


We produce a digital bin master from your master to duplicate from. We do not duplicate directly from your master. The production of the digital bin master is determined by the master length. There is usually no fee for this service. (Remastering requiring special attention may cost $35.00)

Cassette Boxes

Unfortunately, as we build back better, Norelco box costs continue to rise.

QUANTITY 250+500+10,000+


Minimum charge is $20.00. Individual cassettes are 12 each and is done only as part of a duplication order.

All orders are subject to our acceptance and our terms and conditions.

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