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How To Duplicate A Cassette Without A Lot Of Static!

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Audio Book CompanyThe Audio Book Comany offers something for everyone. They feature cassette books ranging from your classic favorites to the stories children love to hear again and again. Cassettes that will move, inspire, remind, entertain and educate. Cassettes that bring back memories of the good ol' days, as well as help make today a good day, too.
Have You Heard A Good Book Lately?

Los Angeles Music Center

As a leading center for the performing arts in the United States, the Music Center has long been committed to arts education. Through its Education Division, the Music Center recognizes the ability of the arts to enhance reasoning, to stimulate imagination, to create understanding and to complement the work of classroom teachers.

Chuck’s Jonkey's exotic adventures have taken him to the furthest reaches of primitive worlds. Chuck is an adventurer who transforms his wild experiences into sound, music and film. JONKEY ENTERPRISES has produced many recordings of exotic, ethnic music. Chuck calls this music Sonic Safaris and has produced and composed more than 20 CDs of this music.

Chuck has composed for film and TV. His music has been used in Oliver Stone's "The Doors, Heaven and Earth," "La Tirana" TV documentary on Andean festivals), Yepi (Conservation International), Exotic Worlds (TV show) and many other productions. Chuck has collected thousands of exotic sounds from around the world. His jungle recordings are part of Hollywood Edge's sound library. These and other sonic recordings have been used in hundreds of film and TV productions.

From his web site you can order and listen to selections from his CD's and cassettes.

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