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WHO OF US DOES NOT RECALL the surprise at hearing our own voice on a tape recording?

Quite often, people listening to their voice recorded on tape, are surprised to find that it sounds higher and weaker than they think it should. This is because sound vibrations coming through the air are not the only ones we hear. We also hear sounds vibrating through the bones in our skull.

So when we talk, we hear our voice through both the vibrations created in the air and in our skull. But, when we listen to a recording of our voice we hear only the sound vibrations carried through the air. Without the internal resonance, your voice sounds higher to you.


DETERIORATION OF YOUR HEARING isn't hearing necessarily an inevitable part of aging. Some people whose world is a quiet one, have sensitive hearing well into old age. However, most of us can look forward to some hearing loss as a result of just the noise produced by our modern life.

At Cassette Works we are working with industry groups and health organizations to inform people of the dangers of exposure to loud sounds ans what they can do to stem the loss of their hearing. Very loud noises can damage the hair cells in our ear. Once gone, they are gone forever.

Constant exposure to loud noises like lawn mowers at about 90 decibels make hearing loss inevitable. Earplugs are recommended when you are exposed to sounds of 85 dB and above. 75 decibels is considered a safe constant listening level. Take care of your ears we want you listening for a lifetime!

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