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Music Moves People

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do you ever get the feeling they're only half-listening?

ALOT OF ADVERTISING seems to go in one ear and out the other. However, we at Cassette Works feel it should stop somewhere in between.

We live in an over-communicated environment. From the now not so urgent mailgrams to E-mail, there are so many unwanted messages bombarding us that often the ones we want get lost in the noise. Information has become disposable. make no mistake about it, we are engaged in a battle of access to the mind — a task that we find only more difficult as we enter this new century.


Advertising agencies and their clients face enormous pressures to be more cost effective. As a result of this and the rampant increase in the cost of traditional media, more marketers are redistributing more of their advertising and marketing dollars to direct marketing and sales promotions.

In our battle of access, the audio or video cassette can be a cost effective tool in making that positive connection in the prospect's mind. Cassettes create involvement and that involvement can lead to sales. They can be used to perform any one of a number of functions in the marketing effort.

As part of an overall sales program, cassettes can be used as a premium or a self-liquidator. Premiums pay for themselves by adding value to the product or offering and winning new customers. Self-liquidators are premiums that pay for themselves. Used either way, they can help you to overcome what often turns out to be your real obstacle—procrastination—the prospect who wants or needs your product but can live without it or will get it "someday." To overcome this inertia, cassettes have proven to be an effective motivation to act now rather than later.


Borders, Perrin and Norrander did a cassette promotion for Kenworth Trucks with the group Alabama. The December promotion was designed to get truckers into the Kenworth showrooms. When they did, they received a free Alabama Christmas tape. Shell Petroleum with CBS Records, used the cassette as a self-liquidator by selling rock music hits from various decades. They were sold at minimal cost to anyone who came in to one of their service stations. In both cases, the cassette was successfully used to overcome inertia.


Used as collateral material, the cassette can generate support. Useful information properly presented, can give vigor and depth to a product and create goodwill with the end-user. General Nutrition Centers working with Score Productions enhanced the perceived value of their selected weight loss and nutritional supplement products. They produced a series of medically reviewed aerobic exercise audio cassette programs which were on-packed directly on to each specific product. The program was so successful that the on-pack cassette has now become a permanent element in the packaging of one of the leading products.
Of course, one of the biggest roles played by the cassette is that of "salesperson." They perform consistently and tirelessly delivering the "one-on-one" sell each time as fresh as the first. Audio cassettes have been used as samplers carrying hi-lites of a larger program offering and to sell consumers on the idea of listening to books on tape. Video cassettes can be used as catalogs and have been found to be especially well-suited to marketing real estate.

Cassettes generate support with emotional impact for almost any marketing need. Creatively implemented, as part of an overall product promotion or incentive program, they can help to project the promotional theme throughout the entire process. With them, you can create a desired image for a desired response, delivering your marketing punch at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. In addition, with their high perceived value, you can be sure they will cut through the communication clutter and grab the prospect's attention.


Music Moves People

TODAY'S CONSUMER, whether their 9 or 99, grew up on music. From movies to parties to children's stories, music punctuates our fantasies as well as our realities. It is an integral part of our everyday lives.

Due to music's impact on people, it is a powerful marketing tool. Used in promotions, it can cause people to make a move where they might have remained at rest. It can create the link that emotionally ties your prospect to you and your product.

pblee The Lee Company successfully promoted its blue jeans with a perfect combination. In a back-to-school promotion, a free rock-n-roll cassette was given away with every pair of jeans purchased. Our tastes may vary widely, but we all value music. The prospect doesn't exist that can't be reached with music.

Big Band, Classical, Rock-n-roll, New Age, World or Storybook, there is music to fit any market. Additionally, music is easy to theme. There is music to reinforce any emotion or message you are trying to convey. In your next promotion, consider getting them to move to the music!

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